Louis Vuitton S/S 2015 exclusives: Rianne Van Rompaey & So Ra Choi



um so

remember when karl lagerfeld said that adele was “a little too fat”

and congratulated carine roitfeld for having julia turn out the way she did because “it would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter”

and said on french television that “the hole in social security, it’s also [due to] all the diseases caught by people who are too fat”

and the CLASSIC “nobody wants to see round women on the catwalk”

and then, for spring-summer 2015, he sends dozens of 6-foot-something models (out of 85, I counted 12 models of colour) out in his distorted version of a feminist protest and people are like lol so feminist so fashion all is forgiven tbh!!!



feminism is about ALL WOMEN not just thin white girls

What did you think about Chanel. Please elaborate.


First of all from a stylistic point of view I didn’t like it. The cast was very white and I also didn’t like some of the casting desicions (we all know who I’m talking about….). Anyways, I think first off the signs were like transphobic (“why cant men get preg too?”) and how ironic to be spreading a message of female empowerment using a primarily white cast thats all super thin like not very inclusive. Also I think the whole “feminine but still feminist” is a rhetoric that stresses traditional femininity as the answer to female empowerment like I’m feminine in my style but I have no illusions that this is empowering to women in general. Anyways to finish, Karl Lagerfield has said things about not being feminist and Chanel as a house just has such an anti-semitic legacy that makes it hard for me to think of them as progressive. I think that Arabelle best summed it up in her tweet about the show 

yessss at aleander mcqueen

brb puking over this tweet

brb puking over this tweet

plus chanel is hella anti-semitic too and I just it gives me a bad taste but it’s so complicated and ahhh but I’m going to go with a negative response because I think thats what I feel in my gut so

okay this chanel “staging a feminist march” like okay I don’t know how I feel yet like I’m literally all about fashion and feminism and when those intersect but this feels like a gimmick and even if it’s not like I’m just really mixed because like the fashion industry is still hella racist and fatphobic and sexist and I don’t like karl lagerfields politics but at the same time it’s an interesting use of fashion to promote feminism and it might help bring feminism to a larger audience but the message is still very exclusive and centered on like straight pretty women (based on some of the signs I saw) and so I’m conflicted but idk